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Huion: A Good Alternative for Ipad Pro

My kids purchased Huion Display Tablets last year. They’ve been using the gadgets for online work and school, respectively.

They wish to own an Ipad Pro because it’s known for its good graphic display. However, they found an alternative in Huion Kamvas 20. It’s inexpensive but functions like an Ipad Pro.

She said Huion is affordable and can compete with other leading tablet brands, and easy to use

Kamvas 20 GS1901 Tablet

Huion Kamvas has all the necessary features and functions you need for school and work. They purchased the Huion display tablets on sale from Villman.   

If you are interested to know more about the specs of the product, you may check about it here:

Samgyupsal Set: Grill Pan and Portable Gas Stove

My daughter bought this Samgyupsal set – Hanaro Grill pan and Portable Gas Stove set on sale at Lazada.

She wants us to experience Samgyupsal at home since we can not go out to eat because of safety and health reasons. Besides, it’s cheaper and convenient to prepare food at home.

The set includes the multi-roaster and portable butane gas stove. It also comes with a free clever cutter. 

My First Cast Iron Frying Fan

A cast iron skillet is one of the kitchen tools I wish to have since I’ve learned about its good performance in the kitchen.

Chef’s Classics Cast Iron Frypan, 20cm

My daughter got me one. It’s the smallest cast iron pan, I think. It’s good enough to cook a sunny side up or fry a pancake.

This one is cheaper compared to other non-stick pans in the market. And it is compatible with our induction cooker.

I got this from Lazada for only 247 pesos plus a 50 pesos shipping fee during their 11.11 sale.

I like the brand because I’ve got two other cooking wares from the same brand name and they serve me well.

Cast iron cookware is a good investment because it’s heavy-duty it lasts for decades. It’s one thing you can give to your children as a family heirloom.

I may add a larger cast iron pan or the ribbed oval frypan for grilling in my next purchase list.