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Election Day Outfit

I’m sharing here what I wore on election day. That monumental day when a presidential candidate, our best bet, won by a landslide. I’m happy that I cast my vote wearing what I thought was comfortable for me.

I always go for comfort. I’ve always been a shirt and jeans type of girl ever since. I also have a pair of slacks and capri pants. This one’s a khaki capri pants paired with a soft printed white shirt. I also wore my black sneakers (hidden). I’ve got the get-up complete with this Amihan sling bag that I used for the first time since I bought it in 2019.

Tips for Photographers Covering Election Day


One of the problems of people who would like to learn more about elections is that there are some photographers who do not take good photos. People would like to be updated with the current rankings of the people they have voted and it can be hard if they would not see pictures showing some results clearly.

For photographers, it would be best to be ready with your equipment and snap away. There will probably be other photographers who are also in the area. Knowing the basics in photography will help you take decent photos but be aware of your surroundings so that you can capture precious moments that will find its way to the front pages of local newspapers.

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For those in the printing business

Election season is here once again and printing businesses are definitely making lots of money printing campaign materials and paraphernalia. However, printing business owners especially those who are still using the traditional means should bear in mind the overhead cost it entails. Good news is, there is web workflow software to help you reduce overhead costs. This software, according to their website, enhances your business at lesser cost.