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The Perfect Gift for Your Office

It can be difficult to shop for those who are in your office. Whether you are shopping for administrative assistants or CEOs, you need to consider an appropriate gift. Various executive gift baskets can make it easy for you to get a gift while staying in your price range.


One of the top reasons that a gift basket makes a perfect gift is because of the variety found inside of it. You may find items ranging from bottles of wine to different types of crackers or cookies. It ensures that the person you are buying for will enjoy at least some of what is inside the basket.

Various Price Ranges

Everyone has a different budget when it comes to shopping for gifts. Executive gift baskets have a broad range in price. This way, you can get smaller gift baskets for some and larger gift baskets for others. You may find that it’s easier to give everyone a gift basket so that you don’t have to shop at a variety of different stores.


The many gift baskets will have themes. You can choose from candy themes, wine themes, pet themes, coffee themes, and more. This way, as long as you know even a little bit about the recipient, you can be sure to get them a gift basket that they are sure to love. If you don’t know much about them, you can stick with one of the more generic names, offering up a delicious variety of snacks.

Gift baskets are popular for anyone in your office. Plus, many are large enough that they can share with those around them, including family and friends. It will make it easier for you to give gifts throughout the holiday season and all year long.

Bento making

bento ticket

My daughter was invited to a bento making activity at the University of the Philippines last weekend. She and her classmates got to design their own bento box for the first time. (Bento box – a multicompartment box used for containing the different courses of a usu. Japanese lunch – merriam-webster)


Messed up. This is how her bento looks like when she came home. The food is basically used to design the bento and may no longer safe to eat after several hours of being exposed in the activity area. I’m keeping the bento container since its cute.

Food and Photography

Food styling and food photography have grown in popularity in the past few years. Not only are they useful tools for food publications to showcase mouth-watering and delectable dishes in their printed page, but other food business have also caught on and found invaluable use for these yummy photos to improve their business. Gone are the days of boring-text-only menus in restaurants and diners, nowadays, delectable photographs of their specialties are seen on their impeccably-styled new menus or images of their scrumptious meals are made into huge decals for trucks that deliver their food to their valued customers around the metro or the neighboring cities.