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College Graduation Outfit

My daughter will be wearing this simple white dress on her graduation day next month.

We also purchased this cute but elegant flat shoes to match her dress.

And as an accessory, we got this small black bag that can be converted into a wallet. We were thinking of a nice hairstyle that would look good on her while wearing this outfit. Can you suggest a graduation hairstyle for my daughter? 🙂

DIY Shoe Makeover

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My old Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers

My old Converse Chuck Taylor Sneaker

I just found an inspiration today. It’s a do-it-yourself shoe makeover. I’m not a craft expert or a DIY guru, but hope to convert my old Chuck Taylor sneaker into something like this. This is a cool idea, right?

Thanks, Mom Spark for the DIY inspiration!

Photo credit for the second picture: Elastic Shoes