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The many advantages of SM Advantage Card

I have already earned a few points in my advantage card from the previous purchases we’ve made at SM. The accumulated points can be used in our next purchase. What’s good about having this card is that the holder is also entitled to a lot of promos, sales events and other members-only offers. Just today, I received an SMAC alert informing members of a 20 percent discount on branded rubber shoes. It’s a bit tempting to avail of this offer but I would prefer save on headphones over a pair of rubber shoes for now.

Earning points thru SM Advantage Card

I finally got this (temporary) SM advantage card in the hope of using the accumulated points to purchase other items. We’ve been shopping at SM for a long time and each time we pay at the cashier, the lady behind the cash register with a smile on her face, would always ask “may advantage card po kayo?” (Do you have an advantage card?). Now, to put an end to the persistent question each time we are paying for an item, I finally got this card. 🙂

I need to fill out the membership application form and submit it to the customer service counter so I can claim my personalized SM Advantage Card.