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Low Maintenance Plants for You

Have you been thinking of collecting plants just like your friends but too lazy to care for one? Fret not. Some plants suit your personality, plants that do not need much care and attention.

Photo by Minh Pham on Unsplash

Plant experts identified Snake Plants and Arrowhead Plants as low maintenance. They only need minimal water and moderate light exposure to survive.

Snake and Arrowhead Plants are best to grow inside the house. In fact, these plants belong to the list of most popular indoor plants among growers and plant hobbyists, and enthusiasts.

Besides beautifying the home, there are also benefits to growing plants. Plants soothe the tired eyes and make you feel happy, especially if you have flowering plants. Plants also purify the air we breathe as they trap various toxins in the air.

I want a neat mini garden to create a cozy atmosphere at home. So, Snake and Arrowhead plants will definitely be on top of my list once I start my planting journey.

Hydroponics: Best for Indoor Gardeners

These days many people have started showing interest in gardening to connect with nature, and to reduce the cost of food for their families. If you are living in a house where it’s not possible to have an outdoor garden, such as apartments, or places with hostile environment that is cold or dry for the plants to thrive, it would be really disheartening to want a garden but having no real way to proceed. This is where grow kits from aquaculture-hydroponics can come in handy. These hydroponic kits help the new gardeners in getting success with their indoor hydroponic gardening project because they have all the necessary hardware for getting started with this exciting hobby.

Image by 41330 from Pixabay

Hydroponics UK offers many selections, which can be found here, they care products like grow kits and tents and lights that may vary from manufacture to manufacturer, or depending upon the type hydroponic gardening you are interested in. However, there are few components that are common to all types of kits. As all types of plants need food, water and light for growth, you would have to ensure that your chosen hydroponic system ensures that to your plants. You can get hydroponic lights in kit for, and this is the easiest way to build your hydroponic system. These lights could be LED, or they might also be HID lights, which need digital ballast for the proper operation. They also have fans and reflector depending upon the size of the room and number of lights that are to be set up.

Image by Trần Anh from Pixabay

As hydroponics is a kind of gardening where only water is used, therefore, the hydroponic grow kit you are interested in should have way to hold water and ensure its supply to the plant’s roots. However, the crown of plants should be held out of water to prevent it from rotting, and this is usually accomplished with the help of hydroponic supplies such as trays, or nets with holes in them so that only the roots of plants are exposed to water. Filters and pumps are also used for moving water and oxygenating it. Pumps are also used for raising or lowering the water level. The features of the system may vary and it depends upon your preference so you can buy appropriate model according to your needs and budget.

Finally, the most important component that you’ll need for the growth of the plant is food, and is also referred to as hydroponic nutrients. These nutrients contain all macro as well as micro nutrients that are required by the plants. You can choose from among hundreds of formulations to meet the needs of your plants.

Litratong Pinoy #3: Lahat ay Payak

Young Indian Mango Plant

Indian Mango Tree

Itinatampok sa Linggong ito ng Litratong Pinoy ang temang `Lahat ay Payak’ kaya naman naisipan kong ilahok ang larawan ng puno ng Indian Mango. Ilang buwan pa lang ang edad ng mangga sa unang larawan. Matatagpuan ito sa tarangkahan ng aming bahay. Ang ikalawa naman ay namumunga na. Matatagpuan ang katawan ng matayog na puno sa loob ng aming kusina. Naitanim ito bago pa itayo ang aming bahay.

Nagsimula sa isang payak na halaman, ang puno ng mangga ay lumaki at nagdulot ng pakinabang sa amin. Bukod sa prutas nagbibigay din ang punong ito ng lilim sa katanghaliang tapat.

Maraming pang kalahok ang matatagpuan dito.

English Translation:

This week, Litratong Pinoy highlights the theme All Are Simple this is why I’m posting the pictures of Indian Mango tree. The small Indian Mango plant in the first photo is barely a few months old. It is found at our gate. The second tree is already bearing fruits. The trunk of the tall tree is located inside our kitchen. It was planted long before our house was built.

It started in a simple (or young) plant, the mango tree matures and becomes useful to us. It provides not only green mangoes but shades at high noon.

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