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Nescafe Cafe Creations

A coffee flavor for every mood.

Hubby got this bag full of flavorful coffee mix from his boss. Of the five flavors, I’m only familiar with the Black Roast. The other five flavors are all new to my palate.

Besides the Black Roast, my new favorites are the Mocha Latte and Double Latte. These are perfect for coffee lovers.

I’m enjoying the stash (until supplies last) while waiting for my Almond milk order to arrive.

Nescafe Cafe Creations comes with this dainty straw bag.

Awesometastic sale at Squeesome Shop!

A good friend of mine (whom I haven’t seen in a while) is celebrating her nth birthday this week. As her way of thanking her loyal patrons, she’s giving away an “awesometastic” sale of her new blog designs.

29% off on ALL custom WordPress designs from July 24 to 31.

Visit the Squeesome Shop for more details!

Happy birthday, dear Kaye and thank you for making my blogs uniquely beautiful. Mwah!