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Low Maintenance Plants for You

Have you been thinking of collecting plants just like your friends but too lazy to care for one? Fret not. Some plants suit your personality, plants that do not need much care and attention.

Photo by Minh Pham on Unsplash

Plant experts identified Snake Plants and Arrowhead Plants as low maintenance. They only need minimal water and moderate light exposure to survive.

Snake and Arrowhead Plants are best to grow inside the house. In fact, these plants belong to the list of most popular indoor plants among growers and plant hobbyists, and enthusiasts.

Besides beautifying the home, there are also benefits to growing plants. Plants soothe the tired eyes and make you feel happy, especially if you have flowering plants. Plants also purify the air we breathe as they trap various toxins in the air.

I want a neat mini garden to create a cozy atmosphere at home. So, Snake and Arrowhead plants will definitely be on top of my list once I start my planting journey.

Teaching Kids the Value of Reading


Studies show that kids who read more end up being well rounded when it comes to education. They tend to understand things better as compared to kids who are not that interested in reading. A child who reads will also be one step ahead of his or her peers. The benefits may be endless but how are you going to teach kids the value of reading?


What you can do is to make sure that you read kids story books at an early age. This will make their imagination work (buy go kart) and will also make them engrossed with each story that you will read. In time, they will want to start reading books on their own until they will eventually find reading as something pleasurable. At this day and age wherein visuals make it hard for kids to read, let them realize that something simple as reading can change their lives more.

Ballet dancer

My daughter's pen and ink drawing of a ballerina.

My daughter’s pen and ink drawing of a ballerina.

I once dreamt of sending my daughter who was in grade school then to a ballet school. I was considering this popular ballet school along Quezon Avenue. I even inquired about the tuition and ballet uniform but we were not able to enroll when my son got sick. I was hoping I could still send her to ballet school years later and buy her dance gifts from ballet gift shop, but my daughter is no longer interested. She developed a liking for art (drawing) and is now preparing a career in digital art.