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Our Simple Christmas and New Year’s Eve Food

Another year has passed and we are starting a new leaf on the calendar. We are thankful for the food we shared on the table and I’m sharing our simple salo-salo picture on Christmas and New Year’s Eve here for posterity’s sake.

Our DD ordered our food on Christmas Eve. It is her way of treating the family since she got a new job before the year ends. The food came from different sources. We have pizza and Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta from Yellow Cab; chicken wings and fries from Frankie’s; cake from Cake 2 Go; and puto calisiao from Decena Puto Calasiao.

Since we are only four in the family we made the food lasts until the next day. The pizza and cake for two days or so.

Our simple New Year’s Eve food was courtesy of our niece. The delicious combo include sushi bake, baked spaghetti and banana cake. Not in photo was KFC Hot Shots.

We may have been affected by the worldwide health crisis in 2020, but let’s not forget to be thankful for friends and loved ones who always remember and look after us in times of need. May we not forget to pray and hope for all the good things to happen in 2021. Let’s toast for a healthier and brighter 2021!

Tips for planning a holiday party

Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography at

Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography at

I don’t think there’s anyone in the world who doesn’t think parties are fun. Well, hermits maybe (no offense to them!).

Going to a party is fun, but preparing for one can be quite stressful. Along with throwing a party comes the added pressure of being a gracious host to your guests, and the expectation of giving them a party they will remember for a long time. Before sending out those party invitations to your friends, there are a few simple guidelines to remember when throwing a holiday party:

Think of the holiday you want to celebrate, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or Thanksgiving, and stick to that theme. Try to come up with creative displays which you can make with raw materials from your home. You can, for instance, cut up Styrofoam boards into shapes and paint them according to your chosen theme.

Carefully plan the menu. Be sure the food is appropriate for the occasion, and of course, delicious. If anything, that’s the one thing your guests will be talking about, long after the party’s over.

You can come up with games to keep your guests entertained. That and music to the beat of martin custom x series will help set the mood.

Personalized Cupcakes for Christmas


Cupcakes became popular by leaps and bounds over the past few years. From merely being one sweet and tasty snack or dessert, it has evolved in such a delicious way that it has now become a staple in children’s birthday parties as part of the birthday feast or treats or as a one delectable giveaway or souvenir.

Recently, cupcakes have evolved further with the birth of personalized cuppies. Now anyone can choose a favorite design, be it a favorite cartoon character or a favorite video game character, or perhaps a name or a military challenge coin, signifying a birthday celebrant’s regiment. Imagination is the only limit to how you can make a simple cupcake as personalized as you want it to be. So to make this year’s Christmas gift-giving even more exciting, it is time to put your cupcake-making skills into practice and make a few batches of this wonderful treat as gifts.

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