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Things to know in choosing a hotel

If you have the luxury of time and money, there is no better way to take a breather from all the stress-related work than traveling. One of the major things you have to consider, of course, will have to be accommodations. You certainly wouldn’t be crazy enough to spend your well-deserved vacation in a rundown hotel.

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When choosing a hotel to stay in, you should think about location. It’s important that the hotel is close enough to tourist attractions and specialty shops. It’s best if it’s just a stone’s throw away from the beach.

Amenities are definitely important. Before booking a particular hotel, ask around for referrals or search the web for reviews or ratings. Decide if it’s essential for you to have a fitness center or wi-fi access, for instance.

Careful planning is always the key to a worry-free vacation. Try to plan ahead of time, and you’ll be able to better enjoy those pina coladas on the beach.

How to Enjoy the Best Thai Cuisine in Phuket

Are you traveling to Phuket on a business trip or vacation? The one thing you will certainly want to do is try the local cuisine. There is no other food in the world quite as aromatic as Thai cuisine, and if you love spicy, aromatic dishes, you will be in paradise. One of the most alluring aspects of Phuket is that it is an island off the mainland located in the Andaman Sea. The total population as of 2015 was 386,305 residents, with many more people being on the island seasonally as it is a popular resort. With all that in mind, let’s take a look at how to enjoy the best Thai cuisine in Phuket.

Begin Your Culinary Excursion Before Leaving Home

One of the things which many people notice is that Thai cuisine is worlds apart from other Asian dishes. Thai cuisine is perhaps the most aromatic food in the entire world, and it can also be the spiciest. If you have never sampled native Thai cooking, take time to read up on what you will be enjoying before embarking on your trip. You will notice that Thai sauces are lighter than most other Asian sauces and not nearly as salty as Chinese or Japanese sauces, for example.

You will find that peanuts and coconuts are common ingredients in many dishes and few dishes are made without lemongrass and galangal. Many people mistakenly pick up galangal in a Thai marketplace thinking it is ginger and although it’s in the same family of rhizomes, it has an entirely different flavor. The point is, take time to learn about the most popular dishes before sampling them. They are truly delightful, but many may be a bit spicy for your taste.

Dining by Day in Patong

Most visitors to Phuket enjoy staying on the beach in full-service hotels. They are pampered guests but many also like to wander the streets of Patong, the world class resort town frequented by travelers from all over the globe. Typically guests like to sample street foods by day because they are already out and about, walking the beaches and strolling along the shops lining the streets.

A Pampered Dining Experience by Night

If you are staying in the resort area of Phuket, there is no reason to leave your hotel if you are looking for a 5-star restaurant in Patong. Hotel Indigo, for example, boasts several restaurants on site from tiki bars to their well-kept ‘No Name Bar’. The atmosphere of this particular bar is that of speakeasys of the past and another claim to fame is that the No Name Bar has Patong’s one and only cigar room. If you enjoy a smoke after your meal, talk to your hostess who will have a selection of fine cigars you can choose from.

In short, there isn’t another ethnic cuisine quite as surprisingly fragrant as Thai food, and as for seafood, you will find that Phuket is famed for that as well. It may be a small island, but it has huge culinary appeal. See for yourself on your next visit to the resort town of Patong.

Finding Uniforms for Hotel Staff That Are Dignified yet Unique

One of the biggest challenges that hotels face is providing appropriate uniforms for their staff. A staff’s uniform is important because outside of the hotel itself, the first thing that guests will see is the staff. They will make decisions about the quality of the hotel, its efficiency, and its cleanliness based on the appearance of the staff.

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Hotel uniforms not only serve as a way to identify the staff as hotel personnel, but it also identifies the job that they do. For example, a guest should be able to look at a hotel staff member and decide immediately if the staff member is part of the hotel’s administration, janitorial staff, kitchen staff, or hospitality crew.

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The goal should be to equip every staff member with a uniform that is in harmony with the hotel’s overall color scheme and style. However, the uniform should be unique enough to clearly identify which department the staff works in. Hotels want a uniform that is not so outlandish that it detracts from the dignity of the hotel. However, at the same time, they want their uniforms to be different enough from the clothing worn by their visitors to make it clear that a particular person is a staff member, and not a guest in the hotel.

Many hotels have worked with uniform designers such as those found at Sharper Uniforms for example to come up with a uniform scheme that meets their needs. In addition to providing uniforms, these designers work with hotels to tailor the uniforms to perfectly fit their employees.