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Tips for work-at-home moms this 2014

Mommies right now are having a hard time working outside their home to take care of their children and at the same time, earn for the whole family. It is a good thing that there are online jobs now that can keep mommies preoccupied but how are they going to earn more than usual?

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A lot of online jobs are fixed while some are long term. One tip in order to earn more is to have one long term job and have some fixed jobs in the process. This way, a working mom will be able to fit the two jobs in her schedule. Having a business can also help because once the business booms, extra money can be earned.

Lastly, moms would have to remember to take jobs that they actually enjoy doing. There is nothing more stressful than doing jobs that you do not particularly like. If you would search on the Internet, you will find a lot of usual and odd jobs that will catch your eye.

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Waiting for working visa

Another relative will be working abroad. After several weeks of waiting for his travel documents, my husband’s nephew is excited that he will finally work in a government hospital in Saudi Arabia. He is just waiting for his working visa to arrive anytime soon. He completed his nursing course and trained in Davao for two years. After his training in Mindanao, he was lucky to find a job on the Internet. The Saudi Arabia hospital immediately requested him to contact an accredited recruitment agency in Manila for immediate deployment.

He may be leaving anytime soon because he already received the contract from his employer. He will soon wear nursing scrubs the moment he starts working in the Middle East. I wonder if nurses’ uniforms there are as comfortable as nursing scrubs here.

My husband’s nephew looks neat in scrub clothing. It was through his pictures posted on Facebook that I learned that he is a nurse. He wore a white and a blue scub tops in at least two of his profile pictures.

I congratulate the young man for his new job and wish him a safe trip.

A loyal employee

My husband is celebrating a milestone in his professional career this month. He is celebrating his 25th year as loyal employee of the publishing company he is connected with.

Company awardees and their stories are featured in the anniversary issue of the newspaper today. One of them is my husband. His story can be a source of inspiration to young people who are striving hard to finish their studies through their own sweat and blood. Yes, my husband earned his college diploma by being a working student.

I’m sharing my husband’s inspirational story here – how he started out as a janitor and work his way to earn the position he is holding now. Please read on.

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