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Get Your Outdoor Kitchen Ready for Grilling Season

As summer approaches, you are going to want to get your outdoor kitchen ready for those backyard barbecues, evening dinners under the stars, and get-togethers with friends and family. In order to do this you want to make sure everything is well stocked, in good working order, and that the area is comfortable as well as functional.


An outdoor kitchen will be useless if the appliances are not operating properly. Now is the time to make sure the grill, sink, and refrigeration are all functioning correctly. Don’t wait until guests are on their way over. Turn each item on, and make sure they are doing what they are supposed to. Does the grill heat up, the water flow nicely, and the fridge gets cold enough? If not, seek help from the professionals. For example, if you need someone that can handle Wolf grill repair Florida has many Wolf service experts in the Miami area.

Stock Up

Once grilling season begins you will want to have everything you need within reach. Along with buying all of the wonderful foods you will be cooking, think about cooking utensils and cookware. Your local kitchen store as well as any outdoorsmen retailer will have plenty of handy gadgets that can make barbecuing easy and fun. You will also need the basics. This includes plates, flatware, and drinking glasses as well as any tongs, spatulas, or other necessary kitchen items.


Just like the kitchen in your house, you want your outdoor kitchen to be a place where everyone can relax and enjoy themselves. Set the area up with a designated cooking spot as well as a seating area with plenty of room for everyone. This could be outdoor sofas and chairs surrounding a low table where food and drinks can be placed or a more traditional dining table and chairs set. Use cushions to ad comfort, and don’t forget to leave a clear walkway so that your guest can move about freely.

Once you have your outdoor kitchen fully stocked and ready to go, you can let the fun begin. Invite friends and family over for everything from backyard barbecues to casual dinners while knowing your kitchen can handle anything you throw at it.

Cooking for the Holidays

Mommies, what are you preparing for Noche Buena? How many dishes are you serving for the family? For those who have ample time to be in the kitchen to cook and wish that odor of the food you are cooking won’t make the house smelly. Here’s a little trick to avoid the strong odor to stay in the house.

  1. Close all doors to other rooms in your house.
  2. Open kitchen window and allow air to cross ventilate by opening a door to the outside.
  3. If cooking with lots of garlic is done during the rainy season ventilate the house once in a while when the temperature is mild.
  4. Open the front and back doors and allow the air to cut through the house for at least 5 minutes.

I hope these tips will help you block the pesky odor.

Don’t forget to prepare vegetable and fruits with your traditional ham and queso de bola on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Tips from newspaper clippings.