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Grommets Without Fear

Anyone who is even slightest bit “crafty” should definitely have a go at making things with grommets. It’s amazing just how many things you can rustle up using a duration of fabric and grommets.

Grommets are the original hole and strengtheners in contrast to popular opinion they are not hard to master whatsoever.

If you want to take a peek, as well as a source of grommets, but then it’s really down to anyone to start practicing and experimenting, you will need to buy yourself a grommet tool, (they’ve got some great ones at


Let’s take a look at something you may make once you’ve conquered your fear of grommets.

Grommet Topped Curtains

You might be very much mistaken if you thought making curtains involved stitching header tape and threading with lots of hooks. Grommet topped curtains are functional, stylish and remarkably easy to make. They can add a sense of style to any room of your home – your kitchen, the bedroom, the dining room, the restroom, the living area . . . don’t think I’ve forgotten anywhere have I?


Okay, so how do you undertake it?

The first thing you need to determine is the amount of fabric you’re gonna need. Appraise the width of your window you desire multiply and covered it by 1.5 for added fullness which adds a sense of style to your curtains. If you want two curtains in order to meet in the center of your window divide you’ll need two pieces of material half the width. What about the length, though that’s the width of fabric you’ll need?

Measure from the curtain rod for the depth you want the curtains to cover. This can be all the way to the surface or to a level just below the window, it’s your choice, then add 10” to this measurement to allow to the hems.

Now it’s time and energy to get hemming. For a 4 inch hem on the top of each panel, first make a half inch fold and press it flat, securing it with pins makes the job much easier.

Then fold that same end over 4 iron and inches it flat again. Pin this one too to make sure it stays in position.

Now rinse and repeat what you did at the top of your curtains on the bottom and you can sew the top and bottom hems into place.

Next, it’s time to pay attention to the side hems. The technique is exactly the same except you won’t need 4 inch hems on the sides, one inch can do fine. Measure them, pin them, press them and stitch them and bingo, that’s the curtain panels taken care of.

Now you’ve just became to add the grommets.

Choose how many grommets you will need per curtain then mark and measure where each will go. Measure to the core of where the grommet will be 2” from the fringe of the panel. You’ll probably place the first grommet a couple of inches in the edge of the panel after which evenly space the remainder along the curtain.


Now you can attach the grommets themselves. Carefully cut circles which are slightly smaller than your selected grommets and make certain to stay within the area. You can now install your grommets in line with the instructions you received together with your tool.

. That’s how easy?

There are lots of other things you may make using grommets too. Small grommets are a great way to strengthen the holes inside a drawstring bag, they are also a great addition and strengthener for belts and hand bags.

A Fashionable Chef

I do not know about you, but apart from your kitchen equipment, your oven, refrigerator, gas range and the likes, I believe that it is also advisable to invest on those accessories needed in the kitchen like sturdy mittens and an apron or two perhaps. No, I am not asking you to don a toque as you move around your cupboards and pots, but much like cuff links that users buy for style and function, these kitchen accessories don’t just make for one fashionable cooking statement, but they are actually essential in making your stint in the kitchen a breeze. I know they won’t make you a cook par excellence all of a sudden, but they will sure make your cooking duties easier, not to mention safer, in case of those mittens.