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Trendy jacket

My son got this jacket for P500. He’s eyeing this jacket for some time now and promised to go back to the mall once he raised the amount. Like his sister, Kyle loves to wear jacket and has been collecting a few pieces since junior high school. I wish to get the same design in size xxl or xxxl perhaps.

On a different note, the world’s largest musical instrument retailer is selling doumbek, an instrument that belongs to drum and percussion family. For those who love exotic instrument, doumbek is for you.

What to wear on my child’s graduation day

I’ve been looking around for the perfect outfit to wear on my daughter’s graduation day. I’m on the heavy side and I want something that is comfortable and presentable. I don’t usually wear a dress so most likely I would be looking for a pair of knit black pants and a loose blouse. I will choose a pair of shoes that can also go with my pair of jeans on ordinary occasion. This and some reviews on will keep me busy this weekend. Do you have any suggestion?

Bring out your tried and tested microphones

Do you still remember singing Pabasa or Pasyon, the Lenten tradition of chanting the life, passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ? Pabasa is usually sung by a group of elderly people during Holy Week. I’ve experienced joining Pabasa when I was young. The chanters usually use wireless microphones at and speakers so the message will be heard in the neighborhood where the Pabasa is held. In the absence of Pasyon chanters in your place, you can now hear Pasyon online through the website of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).

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