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New hope


There are circumstances in life that we have to deal every day. Some situations put our self-worth to a test. Some trials we were able to pass with flying colors, but there are trials we have to deal maybe even for a lifetime. Only faith and those people close to us could understand and help us along the way…

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The season for getting sick


The Christmas season not only brings out the joyful mood in everybody, it also signals the rise of stress-related illnesses.

Stress gets into the picture months before Christmas break. The mere thinking of what to do, where to go, whom to be with, what to buy as gifts, the heavy traffic caused by rushing shoppers, and what to cook for a feast are mind bogglers that lead to anxiety and depression.

After all the merry-making ends in January, the danger of getting afflicted with diseases caused by too much eating comes in. Even weigh-watchers almost always cannot resist the temptation.

So before anyone gets busy preparing for the Christmas season, just think about the consequences you might face if you fail to resist the temptation of too much eating and engaging in stressful activities.

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Every day is a blessing


I’ve been writing about my cousin Cez here and in my other blogs since she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. Despite her condition and struggles with the treatment she still possesses that positive attitude in life. I could be whining with a lot of things that beset me everyday but here is the person with a lot bigger problem than I am and still remain positive that she’ll be healed one day. Last June 28 was her 46th birthday and I called her up to greet her. It’s been a while since we last saw each other. What she tells me struck a chord master with me. She said she is thankful that she wakes up every day, she feels the love of her love ones and that she can still go to work. She’s an amazing person and deserve all the best things in life.

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