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Wasting time on waste

IN my list of environment conservation advocates, I thought of ecological artist and writer Odette Alcantara, the convenor of Artists for the Environment and founding member of Earth Philippines, a non-government organization; and the ecological waste management project Zero Kalat para sa Kaunlaran Foundation (ZKK) in Malabon as prime movers.

Plus, an ‘outrageous’ recipe booklet that would make you gaga over banana peeling.

  • Alcantara converted a lot of waste materials found in her old Blue Ridge house in Quezon City to an extraordinary and functional home decor.
  • She said that said segregation of waste according to its type is one of the simple steps to deal with waste at home.
  • “Environmental protection is everybody’s job; unfortunately not everyone loves the environment. I think its ignorance that keeps us detach from this precious planet, which is our entire life support’s system.”
  • She offers free basic procedure of segregation, composting, and recycling at her own eco-waste management and training center found at the ground level of her house.
  • Students, professionals as well as ordinary people also get hand-on training on proper waste disposal and how to learn money from them.
  • The ecologist believes that livelihood is just a component and not the main event of recycling.
  • ZKK began out of utter desperation on seeing the unabated dumping of garbage on major thoroughfares and street corners of
    Barangay North Bay Boulevard South

    , Navotas.

  • They gathered, sorted and cleansed materials and then sold to companies and factories where the waste originated.
  • In a span of two years, ZKKRedemptionCenter became a ‘must-see’ eco-tour site for local and foreign visitors.
  • The gratifying part of learning the proper way of disposing your waste, is when people learn the trade of making money out of recycled waste materials, said Dr. Judea Millora, community doctor and founder of ZKK.
  • Their projects include hats, bags, decorative materials crafted from ‘trash.’
  • They earn around P8,000 to P17,000 from sorted waste papers.
  • ZKK Foundation believes that zero waste is not just a concept, but a lifestyle.
  • ZKK believes that promoting recycling program in the country is a lot cheaper compared to putting up and maintaining a landfill.

  • ZKK published Outrageous Banana ‘Peelings o-o-oh Peelings’ recipe booklet in response ‘to these challenging times of rising food costs and economic difficulties.’
  • Compiled by Mrs. Ofelia A. Panganiban, the recipe uses banana peelings, either green or ripe, as the principal ingredients.
  • How about Banadobo for maindish, Banaghetti for snack and Banamansi for beverage.