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Keeping the Love Alive

There are several ways of keeping the love alive by couples. This will keep you interested in each other for as long as you are alive. You can list all the things you love about your spouse and let her or him know. Change your screensaver very often to a more personal and creative one with a message of how much you love your spouse. Spend plenty of time with your spouse in order to ensure that your bond as well relationship will remain strong for a very long time. You can also try to remember her birthday and buy her flowers. Small things are the ones that count most and make greater impacts on relationships. Basically, the key to keeping your love alive is by spending a lot of time together. Romance is the ultimate binder of couples.

Is it ever too late to fall in Love?

I thought that at 40, I would just accept the fact that I would never find someone anymore. I focused on my job and doing my tasks well. There is someone that I love but she has told me countless times that we can never be together. I thought it was because of our age because while I was 40, she was only 28. She has a lot of qualities that I admire so much in a woman. She has a lot of dreams and she would always like to achieve more. I tried to mend my broken heart by focusing on my nieces and nephews. I have accepted the fact that I will probably never have kids of my own.

One day, we had a team building seminar in the office. There is this one girl whom I have always found to be attractive. Through the team building, I realized just how funny she is. She is game for different things. She fell off the kayak and she did not mind one bit. She is unlike all of the other girls that I have met and fallen in love with before. She is the life of the party. People listen to her whenever she talks. She has a gift to tell stories and make people actually listen to what she has to say no matter how simple or extravagant her stories are.

She is younger than the girl I used to love, only 25. The 15-year age gap cannot be denied. I did not want her to feel that I like her but at the same time, whenever she would need help in the office, I cannot help but go out of my way just to be there for her. She is so naive that she did not think twice about my gestures until the day that I told her that I like her. I asked her out for coffee and she accepted. Things have been different ever since.

I would like to say that I believe that there is always someone out there for you no matter what your age is. I have some friends who are the same age or have been divorced and they usually go to a senior dating site to meet people their age. My preference is younger women but not too young that they would be young enough to be my daughter. The love-of-my-life may be young but she has the maturity of a 40-year old woman. I cannot help but listen to her and be enlightened about the things that I am going through.

The fact that I am already 40 means that I am ready to get married and I just recently proposed to her and she said yes. I cannot help but speculate about how our wedding is going to be. She has been in charge of all the preparations. She always wants me to be with her to decide on the various aspects of our wedding. People might think that her youth makes her after my money but she actually asked me to make a pre-nuptial agreement. This is her way to prove that she has the power and the determination to earn her own money. I cannot help but feel blessed to have her. I know that truly, I have never loved anyone like this, in my time.

Whether you would like to do over 50s dating or even older than that, just push through with it. I have the belief that everyone deserves to be loved.

Love Comes from the Most Unexpected Places

There are some people who will always tell you that you will find love when you least expect it. You cannot help but wonder if it is true or not. A lot of people go around trying to find love while others find love often. Some people meet the one that they love early while others would have to go through many years before they meet the one that is right for them.

There are some things that you can do while you are not in the process of finding love:

  1. You can work on your hobbies.

Let us say that you have always wanted to learn more about photography. You can take photography classes. You will meet new people. Who knows? The one that you will love next may be one of your new classmates. You will learn more about photography while feeling giddy because of the attention you are getting from another person.

  1. You can reconnect with old friends.

You know that there are some people whom you know as your friends but you have lost touch over the years. There are some of them that you can meet again and the conversations would flow freely. There are also some that you would meet again and you would both realize that sparks are flying between the two of you. Love will always come at the right time.

  1. Meet new friends.

Who says that you can only pay attention to reconnecting with your old friends? You can always meet new ones if you would want to. You can make new friends through dating sites. There are also some that you will meet on social media sites. Making new friends can be easy as long as you are open to meeting new people.

  1. Forget about having a checklist.

One of the reasons why people find it hard to let love find them is because they follow the checklist they have created a long time ago. For example, the potential partner fits all of the categories except for being part of a huge family. This is the reason why the person would not pursue that person anymore even if they are attracted to each other. Following the checklist that you have created will make the search boring. You are bound to find someone who is real. You ought to find someone who will make you smile and laugh at random times. You do not want someone who is so perfectly boring, right?

  1. Don’t fight it.

If you feel that you are starting to fall in love and the person is showing signs of falling in love with you too, then just go with the flow. That is the exciting thing about falling in love, there are so many things that you do not know yet but will discover later on. If the love does not last, do not worry because dating will allow you to meet a lot of other wonderful people who are not expecting to find love too but might do.

We love dates! Do you love dates too? You can go on many dates in your whole lifetime. Choose to be happy and choose love.