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Looking for printing press and promotional items

Two of my husband’s acquaintances are in need of print shop to make promotional brochures for their upcoming campaign probably late this month or early next. One of those in search for cheap printing shop handles the real estate marketing program of their office and needs a compelling brochure content for their target market.

Hubby could have accepted the printing job, it’s an additional income for their company, but their machine at the office is not properly working. Worried that accepting the printing job might cause a delay to the scheduled promotional campaign of his friends, he referred them to his contact who owns a printing press. If I knew hubby’s friend, I can tell them to check out for their promotional needs besides sending out brochures to potential clients.

Exhibit attendees would love to receive useful items like personalized pencils, pen, and keychain or tote bag.

Some considerations when transferring office

I practically grew up with the Journal Group of Publications, career wise. I’ve seen top bosses come and go as the administration (the government) changes after every six years. It’s like a second home to me so when the news about the office transferring to other location reached me I sort of wonder how they will move all the computers, large printing machines and other office stuffs without interrupting the business operation. But knowing the hardworking men and women of PJI, I’m sure the transfer went out successfully with or without minor problem.

So, what are the things businesses should consider when relocating. Those who are in charge with the transfer should be able to get the best moving quotes from a trusted commercial moving company. If you are on a tight budget, you might be lucky to get the fair deal if you will be resourceful in looking for commercial moving companies.

The size of the new place is an important factor to consider. You will decide whether to bring the old stuffs like chair and tables. In PJI’s case, the company left all its tables and chairs in the former office to accommodate modular tables for each cubicle for relocated employees in Makati. This has save the company time and effort to mark all the furniture that they need to transport as there were only few.

The moving company should be able to handle with care and store items that require careful handling and special crating like computers and large printing machines. The electric devices are worth millions and its transfer should be given proper planning and preparation.