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Philippine Holidays 2021

The following regular holidays and special days for the year 2021 shall be observed in the country as per PROCLAMATION  NO. 986 signed by President Rodrigo Duterte on July 30, 2020.

Please note the following dates if you have important travel plans for the new year. Also, please be aware of Covid19 safety and health protocols when traveling to avoid getting infected with the dreaded infection.

Date NameType
1 JanFridayNew Year’s DayRegular Holiday
12 FebFridayChinese Lunar New Year’s DaySpecial Non-working Holiday
25 FebThursdayPeople Power AnniversarySpecial Non-working Holiday
1 AprThursdayMaundy ThursdayRegular Holiday
2 AprFridayGood FridayRegular Holiday
3 AprSaturdayBlack SaturdaySpecial Non-working Holiday
9 AprFridayThe Day of ValorRegular Holiday
1 MaySaturdayLabor DayRegular Holiday
12 JunSaturdayIndependence DayRegular Holiday
20 JulTuesdayEid al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice)Regular Holiday
21 JulWednesdayEid al-Adha Day 2Common local holiday
21 AugSaturdayNinoy Aquino DaySpecial Non-working Holiday
30 AugMondayNational Heroes DayRegular Holiday
1 NovMondayAll Saints’ DaySpecial Non-working Holiday
2 NovTuesdayAll Souls’ DaySpecial Working Holiday
30 NovTuesdayBonifacio DayRegular Holiday
8 DecWednesdayFeast of the Immaculate ConceptionSpecial Non-working Holiday
24 DecFridayChristmas EveSpecial Working Holiday
25 DecSaturdayChristmas DayRegular Holiday
30 DecThursdayRizal DayRegular Holiday
31 DecFridayNew Year’s EveSpecial Working Holiday

Update: I’ve made some adjustments to the following dates; November 2, December 24, and 31, being declared by Malacañang as Special Working Holidays. A no-work no-pay policy applies on the said dates, according to the government.

Gear that gets you through hard times

If you are looking for something to wear that is tough and durable when you need to survive in the jungle, you need to check out EDC gear(s) from Normal clothing and footwear that you can purchase from regular stores will not be able to endure the torture, which they will face when you are tracking on rough roads. However, the best advantage that you will get from Every Day Carry Gear is the comfort that comes from wearing these gears. Not only are they comfortable, they also provide you with safety that is crucial to keep you alive in a harsh environment.

Click on their website and see what type of gear you will need to get when you are planning a camping trip. The best place that you can find these specially made EDC items is this website. The main difference in getting gear like this will be your mind set. Now, normal people will only think about either comfort, or style. Most people will not think about the safety aspect of their backpacks or clothes, when they are spending money purchasing them.

If you are someone that likes the military, these gears will not only look cool to wear, they will also give you a feel of what it is like to wear them if you are not enlisted. The best thing about them is the fact, that if you are planning to join up, wearing and getting used to gear like this will give you an advantage when you are in the core. Most people that have never worn items like this will not have a clue how to use them correctly when the time comes. So, if your child is going to the service, it would be a nice idea to give them all the advantage they can get before they are shipped off.

Some Reasons for You to Go Whale Watching Now

There are a lot of people who appreciate the winter but the time will come when they just wish that they can be in a tropical area to just relax, unwind, and enjoy. This is something that can be done easily if you know where to go. It can be fun to just beach bum and do nothing but what if you would get an opportunity to see something that you have never witnessed before? You can look for tours and agencies that can offer whale watching near me. It is very likely that you will find one that will fit your budget and the schedule that you want.

Some places have more beautiful sea creatures as compared to the others. There are various factors that may affect this fact such as the following:

  •  Location – There are some areas that sea creatures migrate to depending on the season. It can be beautiful to see all of the wonderful creatures in one place.
  •  Cleanliness of the Water – Some of the earth’s seas and ocean parts have already become contaminated with the trash left behind by people. This can prompt sea creatures to stay away.
  •  Water Temperature – There are some sea creatures that can thrive better in certain temperatures as compared to the others.

You can consider all of the things that are mentioned above before you pick the best location to go whale watching. You will probably come across private charter cruises San Diego. The best thing about their tours is that they can offer the cruise at the best time which is during sunset. Just imagine how romantic this would be. You would see the sun set and see the various sea creatures together with your loved one.

The cost of the best sunset cruise in San Diego is affordable especially when you consider the type of view and the entertainment that you will get from it. This may be a once in a lifetime experience that you may not experience anywhere else. The most beautiful place can become even more beautiful with the right people.