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Memories of a wedding

I was excited for my cousin Cez when she announced six years ago that she is getting married to her boyfriend of two years. My cousin and her fiancé are in the right age to settle down so nobody protested to their marriage plan (not even my strict uncle). The invitations were sent out to families, relatives and friends a few weeks after the announcement. I wish I had the chance to suggest a design for their invitation card something that looks more modern.

They also hired a wedding photographer and videographer to document the most important event in their life as a couple. Unfortunately, the video was a bit hazy including the shots taken at the bride’s house and the reception area. The videographer could have edited portions that are not necessary in the film. I was not involved in the wedding preparation, but if I had the chance to share my idea about the wedding, I could have suggested wedding consultants Port Washington NY to cover my cousin’s wedding.

Anyway, the wedding went well and they still have mementos to remind them of how special the occasion was to the couple and their families.

My cousin’s wedding went smoothly as planned. It was a simple church wedding, but I admit I envy her for realizing her dream to walk down the aisle. I’ve always dream of a church wedding. I’m sure my time to wear a lovely wedding dress will come in God’s time. And when the moment comes, I want to make it special by hiring a wedding consultant. We will send our family and friends unique wedding announcement to share the special day with us. I will reserve some invitations for my blogger friends and to family members I hold dear. I will keep everyone posted.

On Playing Online Games

Playing online has its advantage and disadvantage. A lot of people spend time on the Internet to play their favorite games. There are games in social networking sites and there are games where you need to put some money. The most important thing about playing games though is through these games, you are entertained and feel better about your situation. Online games are everywhere and if you are the type who is into casino playing, you can find a lot of websites that offer listings and playing guide. BonusRating casinos for example list gaming sites that offers free bonuses and no deposit. Here you can find gaming sites where you can play without the need to deposit money to the site’s account. You are given some bonus to start with. You can even find no deposit casino bonus codes to use for your gaming pleasure. But of course you need to register first before you can claim your bonus and in some cases, you also need to download their playing software such as free slots. The best part about it is you got to keep your credits. The games available are much like the games available in real life casino. The fun part is, no need in dressing up, you can play it, for free, and in
the comfort of your pajamas.