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Give forward by bringing back

I think I have found a solution to my problem of disposing old clothes and old school uniforms that have been bugging me for a long time.

Image by kiekvanna from Pixabay

My son gave me this pamphlet from a popular shopping retail company. The pamphlet said the store accepts old clothes in whatever form they may be. The goal is to:

REWEAR (clothes that can be worn again);

REUSE (textiles that are no longer suitable to wear are converted into other products, such as cleaning cloths);

RECYCLE (textiles that can’t be reused get a new chances as textile fibres, or are used to manufacture products such as damping and insulation materials fro the auto industry.

The company’s collecting initiatives aims to lessen the clothes and textiles that end up in landfills when 95 percent could be used again.

“The H&M garment collecting initiative has been created to decrease the waste and close the fashion loop. So if you’ve got something worn, torn, or hopelessly out of style – don’t throw it away or let it pile up in the back of our wardrobe. Bring back all your unwanted clothes and home textiles to your local H&M store.”

As a token for the effort in bringing your old clothes to the store, they will be giving voucher (for each bag you hand in) with a discount for your next purchase. Please visit their website to know more about this initiative.

I’ll be sorting more old clothes this week to free additional space in the cabinet and do my share in reducing waste from old clothes and textiles.

Basic items to build your wardrobe (for beginners)

I stumbled upon an article about power dressing and thought the list could be useful one day (especially for my daughter who will be hunting for a job a few months from now).

Build your wardrobe with the following basic items:

1. Black jacket or a well-fitting blazer

2. Black pants (not pleated)

3. Black skirt (slightly above or grazing the knee)

4. Inner tops (white/khaki/gray/light blue shirt that can be worn with pants or skirt). You can also invest on some tank tops, knit tops, striped baby t-shirts

5. Accessories  ( beads, dainty chokers, silver jewelry, pearls)

6. Black heeled loafers

7. Black boxy nylon bag (not to0 big but just roomy enough to store your essentials)

8. Makeup or Kikay kit (may contain eyebrow pencil, nude or brown lipstick, eye curler and mascara, face powder)

Buy the items that you need on a buy-when-can-afford basis. They need not be expensive. You can always look for cheaper but quality pieces in local shops.

Photos are all mine and have been published on this blog.


Things healthcare professionals should know

As a medical professional, you will experience your fair share of uncomfortable situations. Whether the situation calls for a lot of blood or losing someone on the operating table, there will be periods where the job is extremely uncomfortable. Knowing this, it is important to do everything you can to preserve your mind, body and energy in this field. There are a few must-haves for every medical professional to take note of and implement into their regular routine. It might be easier said than done to follow some of these pointers. However, your entire being will thank you in the long run.

1. Comfortable Work Wear
When you’re up and on your feet for 12-hour shifts, this can be pretty exhausting. Sure, your feet might get to a point where they’re used to the long hours, but that doesn’t mean that it’s good for you. Knowing this, make sure to purchase shoes with very supportive insoles and cushions. Purchase scrubs that are soft and gentle on your skin. Keep in mind that just because you need to purchase comfortable work wear doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. There are plenty of cheap scrubs to choose from. There’s no need to break the bank.

2. Physical Self-Care
When you’re in an environment where you’re taking care of the sick, it’s important to keep your own physical health in good condition. Starting with your immune system, make sure you eat the proper foods and increase your intake of Vitamin C. Get a healthy amount of exercise in during the week. Drink lots of water and get plenty of rest. Doing these things will help you maintain good health. On top of these healthy habits, make sure to infuse time for pampering. Many working professional women take time to get the standard manicure and pedicure treatment twice a month. On a monthly basis, consider going to a spa to get a massage, facial or body treatment. These types of treatments are helpful for getting to the core level and restoring your physical being.

3. Mental Checkups
Don’t wait until things get really stressful to start seeing a therapist. Keep your mental health as a priority. Visit a mental health professional on a regular basis. This helps you to release feelings that are pent-up. It also helps you effectively deal with stress you may be internalizing. When you have someone to monitor you and point out what you can’t see, the healthier your overall mental health will be.