Two different awards from four mommies

What do you know? Three fellow mom bloggers consider my blog as lovely while another mommy included me in her lists of favorite blogs. I’m just thrilled to accept these awards/cute badges from them. This recognition inspires me to improve my site and to try to make each post useful to readers.

I would like to thank Gene of Her and History, Jeng of Jengspeaks, and Onlinemommy for this Lovely Blog Award.

And for Chris of Mommy Journey for this Favorite Blog Award.

I would like to pass these awards to the following: Shie’s Asylum, Earthlingorgeous, Make or Break, Tales from the Mom Side, Kizuna, Twinkie Calls, and My Treasures.

13 thoughts on “Two different awards from four mommies

  1. Dee

    Hi Yami. 🙂 Congrats on these awards. Thanks for sharing them with me. Sorry if ngayon lang ako naka visit. Medyo nabusy talaga ako. Thanks again. Have a lovely week ahead! 🙂


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