Unforgettable Christmases

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Our holiday traditions are about connecting with one
another. —

I can share three Christmases that are truly meaningful for my family. The first one was our first Christmas together as husband and wife. We celebrate it with his family. It was the first time that I met Nanay and Tatay. They came all the way from General Santos City to spend the Yuletide Season with us and their two other sons and their respective families here in Manila. The old folks are warm in welcoming me as their daughter in law. My hubby was the last to marry in their family.

The other two equally memorable Christmases we had were actually the ones experienced by our children. Naomi was nine-month-old when she experienced her first Yuletide season in 1997. Khalil was five-month-old when he wore a Santa hat for the first time in 1999. As a couple, we were celebrating our 20th Christmas this year. We hope to spend the next 100 Christmases together, just kidding.

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I would like to grab this opportunity to greet each and every friends and followers I have for this site, a Blessed Christmas and Prosperous New Year!

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