Utoy makes Adgitizing life easier

Utoy is a cute little boy with three minuscule hair strands and a toothy smile. My friend Pehpot just gave birth to him a couple of days ago. Guess what this baby can do wonders to your site. His mommy said he can help increase your site’s traffic rank. How’s that? Well, you just have to be friends with him and his mom Pehpot first. hehe.

Utoy represents the tool where you have 100 credits in a flash through adgitize. Adgitize is not only an earning site but a traffic site, according to Pehpot. She brags that through adgitize her site Make or Break (pehpot.com) Alexa rank of 22M soar to over 200K in just a span of one month. Her old site Gossip Mom took eight months to reach the 200K rank.

Utoy here will help us generate more traffic to our site. He will make adgitizing easy for us. It’s easy to be friends with Utoy. In fact, his mommy is looking for adgitizers who want to be included on the list. All Pehpot want in return is to display a badge below or above your adgitize widget (see the blinking blue badge below my adgitize widget.). There are four banner designs to choose from.

As for the earning part of the story better ask Pehpot about it. I heard that she cashed out $15 from adgitize this month.

Interested bloggers will be listed on each treasure box Utoy is holding. Each box has 5 sites in it. Click on each box and 5 tabs will open. Pehpot reminded that you need to log on to your adgitize account before playing with UTOY. When tabs are opened, you can now click the ads on each site (so an UTOY box gives you 5 points). In a matter of minutes you can make 100 points, the maximum number of clicks that is credited to your account. Visit Pehpot’s site now and be counted as one of Utoy’s growing number of online friends.

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