Vacation is almost over

My kids worry that they might be late for enrolment as we have yet to visit the school to register. If I may recall, we have already enroled, completed our book requirements and school supplies during the same period last year.

I remember paying only P800 for the textbook because each of them was given a P2,500 discount on textbooks as part of the gift given to students who received the Harvest of Achievers Award. We were then able to save a total of P5,000 on textbooks. 
This year only one of them will avail the P2,500 discount. Still, we are thankful for the discount. 
With barely two weeks before the opening of classes next month, I just hope I would be able to complete the important things they need in school. 
School time also means sleeping and getting up early as both are afraid to come to school late on the first day of class.  And for Mommy, maybe lesser time in front of the computer (sigh).

11 thoughts on “Vacation is almost over

  1. lemuel

    school time is also time for paying tuition fees. i admire parents like you who put their kids education as a priority. hopefully when my son reaches school age, my wife and i can afford a good school for him. are they going to teach blogging in school?

  2. Miriam

    We just got from school and have my two kids enrolled. Am glad that school opens on June 15, I thought it would earlier. This will give me more time to prepare all the necessities in school.

    Sana nga children will be taught how to blog in school. 😀

    Lemuel, is your last name bonifacio? 🙂

  3. Twinkie


    You’ll get more dicounts you can ever imagine when you have bright kids talaga. My husband finished college with my MIL paying only P16T for tuition. While my BIL got Magna and P50T back from CAP. And util now, nakiki-enjoy pa rin ako sa nakukuha nilang biyaya. Seize the day! Hehehe!

  4. Miriam

    hehe. Eto nga, their dad was telling them earlier to do good in their studies so they could pass the test in UP, if ever. My kids have a long way to go pa. One is an incoming HS freshman, while the youngest is grade IV. But this early we are instilling them the value of education.

  5. shykulasa

    im glad im still single when i hear stories of parents worrying about sending their kids to school but in your case your a proud momma having smart kids who value a good education… 🙂

  6. Miriam

    Thanks Shie. We also worry kasi mas ramdam ang crisis this year, but as much as possible hindi mako-compromise ang studies nila kahit anong mangyari.

  7. Miriam

    Hi. Masarap na mahirap ang feeling, Chris! Masarap when you see your kids strive to do their best. ‘Yung mahirap na part, kasama sa pagpapalaki ng kids. But it’s all worth it, promise. 🙂

    And thanks sa tag. will grab it now. 🙂


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