Visiting our fave Bacolod Chicken House

We can’t remember the last time we ate at Bacolod Chicken House in Intramuros. From time to time hubby and I would recall our lunch date and the sumptuous meal at the said restaurant. Bacolod’s La Paz Batchoy and Inihaw na Paa are simply the best for us.

bacolod chicken house

Hubby’s share of Inihaw na Paa, Baticolon and La Paz Batchoy. Yum!

Last April 13, the family decided to have a late lunch at Bacolod Chicken House before we proceed to Fort Santiago. The resto was just a stone’s throw away from the historical site. Since it’s a Saturday, there’s no other customer when we arrived at the eating place. We also noticed that the area has become smaller, but it’s the same neat place.

We ordered our usual menu which consists of La Paz Batchoy, Inihaw na Paa and Baticolon, and Iced tea. We were also served with unlimited rice. For dessert, we ordered Leche flan. We had a nice hefty lunch on that day energized enough for a long walk inside Fort Santiago.

5 thoughts on “Visiting our fave Bacolod Chicken House

  1. Gene

    I think I’ve seen their branch during one of our visit in Manila. It’s this old Manila facade right? I haven’t eaten there yet but I’ll keep that in mind once we’re in Manila again.

  2. kikamz

    Filipino food cooked the traditional way will always have a place in my tummy! 🙂

    i miss Pinoy food.. and la paz batchoy is perfect for the cold weather that is now slowly creeping in here…


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