Wedding Day Transportation Ideas


Before you start booking for your wedding transportation, have you ever thought about something that is far from traditional? If you do not want your wedding to be boring then perhaps Chicago wedding limo rental can help you out. You can arrive at the venue of your wedding in style because after all, your wedding does not happen everyday.

If you are more offbeat and more adventurous, there are still other transportation ideas that are available. Here are some that you can check out:

  • Speedboat – This will highly depend on the location of your wedding but if you plan on doing it near the water, you can use a speedboat as your transportation. It can be grand and fun at the same time.
  • Vintage Vehicles – There is something about vintage cars that make them timely and elegant right now. It will depend on your theme but you can be sure that black and white pictures will look amazing with a vintage transportation.
  • Horse – If you are into horseback riding then riding a horse will be a bit easy for you to do although it can be a bit of a challenge depending on the gown that will be worn. Perhaps a horse with a carriage can be a better option. Most women feel like a princess with this type of transportation.
  • Party Bus – Parties do not have to stop because of a wedding. This can serve as a good wedding transportation and if the number of guests are limited, the party bus can also be the reception after the ceremony.
  • Yellow School Bus – Want something that is totally out of the ordinary? Surprise guests with this type of wedding transportation. It can be fun.

With all of these wedding transportation ideas, which one do you think will work best for you?

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