What we can do to protect the environment

I may not be a staunch environmentalist, but still doing something in my own little way to protect the environment. From our household, we dispose our kitchen waste properly. Someone collects it every other day and sell them to a backyard hog raiser.

If you’re looking for better ideas to convert your own kitchen waste, you can find inspiration from my post here.

Segregated kitchen waste

Coco dust or peat from the coco coir enterprise is mixed to the compressed garbage

The refined mixture is poured to the composting machine (rotary composter) for processing

The compost is air-dry before they are packed in desired pack sizes

4 thoughts on “What we can do to protect the environment

  1. Tetcha Figuerres

    What we do at home is collect empty plastic/glass bottles and used cartons and give them to my father who sells them to the junk shop near their place in Cavite. Sometimes, we donate them to my son’s school if they have recycling projects.

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