When Bad Things Happen To Good People

It’s one of life’s mysteries when that happens. It boggles us as to how doing good ends up in suffering. Is that what’s called justice? Or is justice now totally just a figment of our imagination?

I’d like to think that I am basically a good person. I do my best not to hurt people, and try to do at least one good deed a day. But, I have had my share of trials in life. The biggest blow would have to be my son’s battle with Kawasaki Syndrome.

On more than one occasion, I have to admit that I have questioned God, but now I understand that He does not let these things happen for no reason. We may feel that in the midst of trials, He is just a sadist wanting to see us suffer, but that is hardly the case. As a matter of fact, it is when we are suffering that He is most present in our lives.

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