When Jealousy Strikes


This is the bane of most, if not all loving relationships: jealousy. Oftentimes, we can’t help it when the green-eyed monster takes over.

Yes, we are only human to feel some amount of jealousy, but an overdose of this emotion can wreck an otherwise healthy relationship.

Jealousy usually starts when we feel threatened to lose our loved one. It’s often another person coming into the picture who stands to snatch our loved one from us.

How do we fight it? Hard as it may seem, we should learn to trust our loved one. When he says, for instance that this certain woman he met at an artstar event and keeps texting him is just a friend, then believe him. But when you have more palpable evidence of infidelity, then that’s another story.

For the meantime, just play it cool, and TRUST. That has always been equivalent to love.

Image courtesy of alexisdc at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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