Wi-fi connection

Internet connection minus dangling wires seems cool. My husband is planning to switch to wi-fi connection at home for a change. Once wi-fi enabled, the kids can now use the laptop even when they are in the bedroom. Technology really makes our lives a lot easier these days. I imagine when we used to buy pre-paid cards just to have Internet connection at home. Internet was very vital to my former job. I need to be online most of the time for research and when sending my article to our office in Manila. Pre-paid and dial-up sometimes took a lot of my time to get connected. Prepaid cards lapsed before you know it. Dial-up sometimes are slower to give you connection and it takes a long time to upload data.

A lot of local telephone companies nowadays provide the fastest Internet connection. And then there are Internet satellite that offer wild blue high speed internet that requires zero down payment and free installation. I wonder if the latter is already available in the Philippines. I read from somewhere that WildBlue is least expensive among its league and has a lot of features to offer to clients. If similar Internet services will be made available locally, I’m sure many Internet uses especially those in the provinces will leave their dial-up connection behind and switch to wi-fi Internet.

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