Window shop for cars

Have you seen the latest car model? Hubby and I can only satisfy our fancy for a new car while browsing the Net. Yes, that’s what we can do for now, window shop for cars. Hubby can’t take his eyes off these toyota prius photos he’s been browsing for like a couple of minutes. I told him to search for other cars so he’ll have possible choices when and who knows he hit the Lotto jackpot lol. We’ve been browsing separately on the Net so I have a freehand to search for more cars.

I’ve never taken a fancy to any particular car until I saw these nissan cube pics. Oh my, if only I have a budget now, I’m going to reserve one for my family. Appearance particularly the color of car was my initial concern. I don’t want flashy or light colored cars as they easily get (appear) dirty. But for my husband the specifications are more important than anything else. He said a car buyer needs to know everything from MPG (miles per gallon) figures and standard equipment to how much the car will cost you to operate it.

Hubby thinks honda civic specs suit our need for our future car. I think it’s also a perennial favorite among car owners. But since hubby considers fuel economy, we might settle on the type of car that consumes less fuel like the one indicated at ford mustang specs.

These cars are fabulous, but if you were to ask me what car I prefer, I would say a larger one, a van perhaps. We need a roomy vehicle for our growing up kids. They want plenty of space when we are travelling. Maybe I should include owning a new car in my New Year’s list.

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