You will be missed Cory Aquino

SO long President Aquino.

Mrs. Aquino, the simple housewife who lead the country achieve its democracy two decades ago once again revives our love for democracy and for the country as a whole. Only this time she will not be able to thank everyone in person and flash a sincere and reassuring smile for she is laid to her final resting place today.

Mrs. Aquino for me is not just a symbol of democracy she personifies a remarkable woman – determined, generous, sympathetic, compose and religious. People who were given the chance to speak at the Requiem mass held at the Manila Cathedral today shared all the beautiful things the former president epitomizes.

We mourn her loss. But let us keep the lesson of her death. Maybe this reminds everyone that our country is still a better place if we try to emulate the life she lived.

Maybe today is the start of something new, a realization of better things to come for the country and for the Filipino people.

Mrs. Aquino’s life should be a reminder to those who are planning to run for elections next year. They should reflect on her death and keep in their hearts and mind the substance of nationalism and good governance.

Thank you Tita Cory for sharing your life to us. Farewell…

One thought on “You will be missed Cory Aquino

  1. Beth

    Very true! Her life really inspires us all to live unselfishly for others. I paid tribute to her too and I will always remember her for being a good wife to Ninoy and the best mom to her kids. 🙂


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