Yummy Treats for Your Valentine

Valentine’s is just around the corner and while everyone else is having a hard time making reservations in their favorite restaurants which should be packed with dining couples at this time of year, don’t you think creating a romantic dinner for two at home is a more appealing alternative?

That is right! Time to bring out your toque and summon that cooking prowess your mother handed down to you and cook your favorite person a feast as your Valentine’s gift. Okay, you need not be an exceptional cook really, just prepare something your other half will truly enjoy and will be perfect!

The recipe for a perfect romantic dinner for two at home:

1. Chill that wine + remember which wine goes with which meals, right?

2. Remember that dish he raved about the last time? Prepare it on this special night and watch him fall for you all over again!

3. Make a special dessert that you know your man cannot resist like chocolate cake or any of his favorites

4. Get some fresh flowers and candles for your dining table.

5. For a more romantic feel, don’t forget to adorn your Kitchen Cabinets & Accessories with those little red cupid or heart- shaped decors.

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